Weekly Meeting Recap (9/10/14)

Good morning NCRG members, friends and fans! We had a great meeting this morning with high attendance numbers. Thank you to all who joined us, especially to our guest Marisol of Ribbon Gifts. We look forward to seeing you at future meetings!

NCRG is currently welcoming guests and accepting applications for new members. Contact us with questions about visiting or joining our weekly meetings! Next week, we will be hearing from Bill Gonzalez of Savvy Staffing Solutions and Lisa Gurevich of Leominster Credit Union.

This morning, we enjoyed presentations from John Goan of Lawton Electric and Shawn Graham of i Clean Carpets & More. 

Lawton Electric | Member of North Central Referral Group

John Goan
Lawton Electric
(978) 297-2170
Get in Touch

John spoke about a new device for electrical wiring in homes that is now required – the arc fault breaker. They are supposed to prevent fires. The arc fault breakers are similar in appearance to ground fault breakers but they are not the same, as a ground fault breaker is there to prevent electrocution (death by electricity!). They are both very handy devices to help reduce the chance to your home catching on fire! John also reminded us that as always, smoke detectors are very important and to make sure yours are functioning properly. Contact John Goan at Lawton Electric with any of your electric needs.

I Clean Carpets & More | Member of North Central Referral Group

Shawn Graham
I Clean Carpets & More
(978) 857-5942

Shawn educated us about pet odor removal from carpets and concrete floors. Because both of these surfaces are porous, they can absorb fluids deeper than one would expect. If pet urine is absorbed, it will take more than a professional carpet cleaning to eliminate the odor. Shawn showed us his Hydro Shark Moisture Detector and a few other tools that he uses to detect problem areas, and explained how he can clean and reseal a concrete floor to solve odor problems. Contact Shawn Graham at i Clean Carpets & More for all of your carpet and floor cleaning needs.

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